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A very popular quote says: “what you give attention to…..grows”! How true is this? When plants are watered they grow, when happiness is shared, it spreads and grows, when a gossip is given more fuel….well it grows!!!! So essentially what we give time to…grows. Similarly, bonding in family needs time and attention. When it is given time and attention….bonding does grow. Lifestyle nowadays is hectic, full of noise, hustle, bustle and rush. In fact, what we are left with is no time with family. The interaction between members is less. In fact a down time now means for each member to spend more time on his/her own device.

Here are few simple and effective tips to spend more time with family in spite of busy schedules.

  1. Family that eats together; stays together: Having at least one meal a day, every day together is a good way of spending quality time. Often its either breakfast or dinner when the family can gather and catch up with each other’s activities and plans. It’s not possible to force or make it compulsory for everyone to be at the dining table for a meal, however the intention to do so will definitely do the trick.


  1. Interest in each other’s interests: In a family, the more number of members, more varied are the interests, hobbies and passion. Sometimes, parents encourage children to pursue a hobby or passion but do not take time to actively involve themselves in the learning. Whatever each member (adult or child) is pursuing, whether it be a sport, martial art, fine art, Music, dance, instrument, culinary skill, sewing or any skill. Being part of a competition, tournament, recital, exhibition or display of the same has a very deep rooted connection. Attending together as a family not only encourages the family member but also adds value to the activity being pursued. It gives a sense of pride to one and all.


  1. Maintain healthy lifestyle collectively: Maintaining a healthy and fit life style of a family is not just the sole responsibility of one. It’s the collective efforts of every member. Healthy eating, Exercising, balancing indoor and outdoor activities. These are points that every member has to work through and work within the family. It doesn’t help, when one is dieting and the other gorges on junk food. Or one exercises while the other just escapes it. Collectively when the family consciously cares for each other, not only are the results great but bonding too increases.


  1. Time share responsibilities: There’s a timeline to each activity at home. If one member is too busy, it does make sense for someone who is a little free to share that responsibility. For the benefit of self, there’s always an advantage in knowing more and more about getting around chores and activities at home. Whether its hostel, hotel, office, mall, car park or anywhere. Taking care of our own belongings and being responsible is a virtue we start learning from home. So, make the best of it.


In this digital era, there is more interaction on social media than personally. But in reality, Family time is the time which actually is the time away from “device” time. It is that time, when family members sit together to talk, discuss, share light moments and unwind.

Wifi only keeps the devices at home connected ….. Not humans. It’s the bonding that keeps a family together. Keep your family first!!!!


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