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After years of being a stay-at-home mom you’ve decided to return to work. For a variety of reasons, you may have come to the conclusion that this is the right thing to do. Most likely, the children for whom you decided to stay home are now in school full time, or grown up and no longer in need of a parent at home full-time. Regardless of why you’ve decided it’s time to resume your career, there are several issues with which you will have to deal.

The first and the most important thing you will have to do is decide whether to continue in your previous career or change your career.


Should You Change Your Career?


After spending some time away from your career, you may have decided that a change is in order. Perhaps you don’t feel the career you worked in before is compatible with your new life as a parent. It could be too demanding, requiring you to work long hours or take frequent trips.


You may want a career change because you’ve discovered new interests that you would like to develop into a career. Or maybe you never really liked what you were doing before, and now you want to find something that is more suitable. Your work field or industry may have changed during absence, and there may be few job openings. If you don’t know what career to pursue, and you have the means to take a bit more time off, use it to figure out what you want to do next. Then get the necessary training.


When money is a pressing matter, consider temporary employment until you can pursue a new career. It will give you a chance to start earning money while you make decisions and get training. It can also ease you back into your new lifestyle as a working parent.



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Leaving your career wasn’t easy. Starting it again won’t be either. But, getting back into a career you love is – Priceless. Remember you are older, wiser and stronger now.


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