Pega Consulting Projects Returnship Date Added: 2017-12-15
CISCO Return ship Program
Bangalore, Karnataka
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Minimum of 5+ years’ experience in Pega * In-depth technical understanding of Pega Rules Process Commander (PRPC) and Pega * product knowledge * 3+ years of Pega technology and Pega PRPC implementation experience * Must be a Pega certified CSA and have a good knowledge of Java frameworks * Experience using BPM, CRM and Case Management platforms such as Pega, Appian * and Salesforce * Proven experience in building and implementing model-driven, enterprise-level business Solutions. * Proven experience in all phases of software development including design, configuration, * testing, debugging, implementation, and support of large-scale, business centric and * process based applications. Experience in business process modeling or flow charting * Experience in Agile and Scrum methodologies * Solid communication and presentation skills * Ability to collaborate with a team of senior developers and architects * Pega System Architect (developer) will be involved in design, development, testing, and installation of Pega PRPC (Pega Rules Process Commander) and related infrastructure.





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