One Simple Step to Realize Your Potential


Author: Manjula Dharmalingam, Founder – Her Second Innings, Women Empowerment Evangelist, US State / Fortune 500 Global Mentee.

We keep hearing about lay-offs in top corporate in recent times. We are to some extent okay to read about it as news, but if it hits us at an individual level, the immediate response is to find solutions and take quick actions. So how to overcome a situation like that, do you wonder? I would like to share my story it might be helpful.


Although I did not become a victim to recession, I am a victim of myself, ” I cannot enjoy the same job for long years”. (My LinkedIn profile is the proof 🙂 – I call it ‘Frequent self-recession”)


Every time when I reach tipping point of frustration or unhappiness, one simple step has helped me so far which is – Taking a ‘U Turn’ and reflecting on “what did I enjoy and what will make me happy“. This reflection helped me to leave my promotion from IBM and start a fresh page as an entrepreneur just so I can be on my own to explore what I like.


How to decide and navigate the path is the next question..? may be some pointers given here to ponder. I request all of you to share thoughts and action so that we add value to our readers who are currently reading this blog. Simple act of sharing is caring 🙂


Before starting the exercise, you need to be in the right state of mind to act without any baggage of stressful thoughts and feeling. So practice 4-7-8 Rule of breathing exercise to relax and gain energy instantly. It is tried and tested so try it out for yourself. (

Deep and slow inhale for the count of 4 , hold the breath for the count of 7 and finally exhale through mouth for the count of 8. Repeat the same for 4 to 5 times. (Incase during this time, if you are constantly oscillating your thoughts and not able to focus then my recommendation is try another 2 to 3 times to get focus for next action.)

After completing step 1, start the next exercise with pen and paper. Way to go!

Reflect on your current career (or previous career) asking

1. Am I happy with the career I am in, if yes write it down what are all the components you are enjoying and if not write down your unhappiness.

2. Out of 100% what is your happiness quotient for your career, also write down points that are a hindrance to your happiness. (Write everything, nothing is too trivial and no one is watching)


Example : I enjoy solving unknown challenges in the workplace, when I solved the problem my happiness quotient is 100% however I am not allowed to explore in the corporate place hence I have to restrict myself to do what I am supposed to do..


Example : I don’t enjoy my current job and my happiness quotient is 30 to 40% because it is not relevant to my passion so I feel miserable at workplace and I am forced to continue due to my financial commitments.


3. After all thoughts are out in the paper, you are a little relaxed and ready to find the next step to move forward.


4. Write down the path for making happiness quotient as 100% and how to achieve it – i.e. the plan of action with timelines.


I chose to become an entrepreneur to be on my own using first example to find my path.


If you stumble and are unable to find solutions, then reach out or find a mentor who can guide you. So far no mentors to guide, no worries get your piece of wisdom online (Inspiring story of KFC Founder – it’s time to get your mentor who can show you the right path or gain your courage one more time to start once again from the beginning by taking a U-Turn to pursue your passion.  All the best!


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