Her Second Innings – Logo Announcement for WOW Foundation!


A proud moment for Her Second Innings team and community, as we officially come under the Section 8, Not for Profit enterprise – World of Opportunities for Women Foundation (WOW Foundation). An enterprise created “By Women, For Women” with a vision to empower women from all walks of life, by creating opportunities in career, entrepreneurship and personal growth to take them to the next level.


Spastics Society of Karnataka (SSK) Contribution:

Her Second Innings, partnered with Spastics Society of Karnataka for a Logo design workshop. An activity for the children of SSK to engage and show their creative talent. With support and guidance from faculty of SSK, children worked in teams to create some of the best designs. Their enthusiasm, creativity and team work is commendable.

Thank you SSK, for your valuable contribution.


Logo Design Journey:

The final logo for WOW foundation has evolved from creativity of Spastics Society Of Karnataka’s talented children. We retained their original thought and creativity in the final logo design.


Meaning of the Logo:


“She defines her world with purpose and determination to carve out a niche for herself as a bold and independent woman.”


Promise of Her Second Innings:

As part of WOW Foundation, Her Second Innings is dedicated to providing women professionals with a platform to fulfil their career aspirations by enhancing their skills with our training and internship programs, networking using our mentor/ mentee program, career advice from our experts,  job assignments and placement assistance. We aim to provide all round support to women professionals to help them stay ahead in their career stream.


We look forward to your support in making WOW Foundation a Success!


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