Sitting on Your Talent?


Decisions Determine Destiny

– Thomas S. Monson


All individuals have talents, things they have natural aptitude and skill in. However, individuals often times do not utilize their talents.


This waste of aptitude is not only a disservice to individuals in question, but it is a disservice to their respective communities.


Having talents and either not having an outlet to channel them, or having no desire to channel them, has far reaching consequences that affect more than the potentially talented individual.


For example, consider an individual who is exceptionally gifted in science and with proper training could become a doctor that could save many lives. However, she thinks of science as a trivial subject and pursues a career as an acrobat. This individual’s entire life will be spent training for something that is not her natural talent.


Of course, with practice this individual could become a very good acrobat, but the time and energy spent to become an acrobat is tenfold that of which she would have used had she trained to become a doctor.


This is not to say that becoming a doctor is easy, or that the world does not need acrobats. The point is that if the talent is present do not brush it to the side. Do not simply think, “oh I’m good at it, but it is not for me.” You have the talent for a reason, do not undersell its importance.


Often time’s individuals will bounce from occupation to occupation, testing out many different things that are not their calling. These individuals spend years of their lives running away from what comes naturally to them all along.


Yes, some career paths make more money than others and yes some careers are considered cooler than others (coolness is a relative concept though), but that does not mean an individual gifted in welding cannot earn a good living, just as a person gifted in oil painting can earn a good living. The trick is to find one’s talent and invest time in that talent. While investing this time, be open for opportunities.


Be ready to display your talents.

Do not be afraid of the talents that you have. Embrace these gifts and share them with others.

Do not sell yourself short and do not sell your community short. Plant your gifts into the community and allow the fruits to grow.


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