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Are you a woman professional on a career break?

Restarting your career may seem challenging, especially when you feel the need to bridge the gap.

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Coaching assists in developing people's skills, abilities, and boosting performance. Also enables you to deal with issues and challenges before it becomes threats.

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Career Guidance

We are here to assist you to explore career options, provide market trends, assess your skills, interests, guide to skill development and sharpen job search skills

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Corporate Services

An organization’s success and competitiveness in the global market place depends upon its ability to embrace diversity, realize the benefits and then achieve them all.

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Job Sites Listing

To enable you further in your career restart journey, we are sharing a list of Job Sites, that may help you find your calling in your second innings.

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We are a national network of accomplished women professionals, with over 50 years of collective in-depth industry experience in various fields. Our platform was created with the firm belief, that a woman's financial independence is intricately tied in to her individual career growth, and reflected in her outlook towards life.


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Its been a great journey working in Cisco for a period of three months. I have been assigned to WEM project, responsible for writing the junit test cases for modules under WEM. This period was like a bridge course for me, where in


Bhavya M R (Candidate)

Externship Consultant – CISCO

I am a small town girl from Hubli, looking for a work from home job. My HSI story started 2 months back. My session with the coach from HSI actually enlightened me on how to reinvent my skills and represent myself. I did exactly that, and I did get a work from home offer from Pikkol.


Jyoti (Candidate)

Feedback Specialist, Pikkol

It has been a hard journey for me to get into workforce after a very long career break. But HSI gave a great platform for me and also other women who have the passion and ambition. You people are doing great and your mentorship will definitely fill my resume


Agnes Elbeth Diana (Candidate)

Externship Consultant – CISCO

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