Fast Track Series of 4 to 8 week duration
Online & 100% Practice Oriented
One to One Mentor Connect
Led by Industry Professionals
Collaborative Learning with Peers across Geo
Dynamic Dashboard to view daily progress



Python language is the fastest trending language in industry. Python scripting is used in the area of testing and automation. Python is also a great tool for data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Learn how to continuously improve effectiveness in interviews and client engagements. These principles and guidelines will also inspire you to change your approach to every meetings and interactions.


Designed to help participants become more effective and organized in their personal & professional lives. Enables to realise the way of pursuing and maintaining success, effective communication styles and time management


To understand crucial concepts in the language of business to success in today’s corporate world. Developed by renowned industry experts to simplify the finance jargons and concept with real world application for you to apply.


  • Our Admissions team will reach out to you to share the timeline of the courses and next steps to login via email with your credentials to get into the program.
  • Yes! 100% refund (If claimed within first week). The mission is to create and bring more and more talented developers into the Industry
  • You need to first complete 6 weeks of the course before taking up the Bootcamp examination. Certificate will be issued after the exam.
  • It is a basic test to examine your proficiency in coding.
  • Boot camp does not guarantee any jobs, if any opportunities available relevant to you, we are happy to pass on the details.
  • The interactions with the mentors will be for only 6 weeks. However the platform and course material will be available with you for a life time.
  • No. But we have scholarships available for deserving students with good academic grades (more than 90%). Reach out to helpdesk@hersecondinnings.com. (Special Interview will be taken)
  • We try to limit the batch size as we need to give full focus on the students. This is not a video course, it is live interactions.




I rejoined the workforce recently in June 2019 after almost 7 years of Career Break.  I attended about 15 interviews where i got rejections since 2017. HSI's RPA helped me greatly to boost up my confidence.


Thanks a lot HSI Team for the RPA Course. When i was clueless about how to restart my Career, I got enrolled in the RPA course gained a lot of confidence and knowledge from it. RPA course is interesting.


Thanks to Uipath for making my job simpler and Thanks to HSI Team for introducing me to Uipath.  I hope and i wish that I would continue my RPA journey with Uipath with same enthusiasm.

Pragnya (Candidate)

After returning to India, and a sabbatical I wanted to re-enter the professional world. Her Second Innings(HSI) worked with me right from finding the right job tailor-made to my requirements to the interview and joining stage. I would definitely reco

Anupreet Arora – Sales Go (Candidate)

I had a fantastic experience registering with Her Second Innings. As I got a job offer after a sabbatical of 8years!! You guys have a very positive approach, which gives hope. Thanks to Manjula and Sowmya for the support. You are a great team!

Padmini – Deloitte

I have had a great experience with Second innings, especially you (Sowmya) have helped me and hand held me through all the rounds with a lost of zest and enthusiasm. Hopefully I will reach out to you in the future for any of my professional requir

Rashmi T – Cisco

I had 4 years of career gap , because of maternity and was in US on dependent visa.Due to career gap I was hardly getting any interview calls. It was HSI that helped me by providing such a great platform to restart my career in the same field.

Saranya.R Cisco

First of all I want to thank Her Second Innings(HSI) and Cisco for giving me this Golden Opportunity :). This is such an awesome opportunity which gave me a touch with code again.I personally gained lots of confidence in coding. One more great thing

Archana (Online Participant)

It’s been wonderful listening to Manjula about Frame Work of Return-ship. I wish I had this knowledge a little earlier. I would have taken steps in right way instead of finding opportunities haphazardly. After being part of this event [su_spoiler t

Keerthi K – Cisco

After a good break of 4 years, when I was ready to come back to work, I realized that it was going to be difficult. I am very grateful to Her Second Innings team, Cisco organization for having provided this opportunity to me. “Change i

Vidya Sudhir (Candidate)

Her Second Innings works for a cause. They helped me find a work from home job that I needed at the right time. The team has guided and helped me comfortably settle into my new role. I would highly recommend HSI for every women out there who is looki

Jyoti (Candidate)

I am a small town girl from Hubli, looking for a work from home job. My HSI story started 2 months back. My session with the coach from HSI actually enlightened me on how to reinvent my skills and represent myself. I did exactly that, and I did get a

Charmee Kothari (Candidate)

I had taken a sabbatical for 13 years. With the big gap it was very difficult to get back in the industry- HSI made the difficult task possible for me. It gave me the platform and has placed me with a young energetic company - [su_spoiler title="Read

Rakhee George (Candidate)

I attended the interview that was arranged by HSI. The interview went well and I got the job offer. I thank "Her Second Innings" for the amazing support that you gave me in finding a job after my long break of 6 years.

Natasha Taylor (Candidate)

Its been 2 months that I have been working in HSI and it has proved to be a good experience for me, I have been able to develop myself both "Personal and Professionally". HSI is a nice place to work in. Colleagues are always ready to provide their su

Dr Dinesh Babu (Client)

We worked with Her Second Innings for carrying out Automatic Speech Transcription. Exceptional Commitment and quality of work from the team members. Later heard about the noble social cause as well. Fantastic!! Good work, looking[su_spoiler title="Re

Shobha (Client)

It’s a pleasure to have Renu in the team. (Renu Raj is a Returnship Intern – Tech Stream) She’s been able to ramp up pretty well and on track to deliver on a critical[su_spoiler title="Read more..."] timeline project. Have got positive feedb

Jasmine (Candidate)

It has been really a great experience working with Her Second Innings. They gave me an opportunity to gain ample experience in the role which I was looking for and I would like to thank HSI for the wonderful support and[su_spoiler title="Read more...

Rajani (Candidate)

Though I am fully secure, I chose to live an exciting life full of challenges, what I need most now is an easy way to get my feet wet on work at home programs, nothing expensive or huge but great things to learn with. I am glad[su_spoiler title="Read

Sangeetha (Candidate)

HSI a great place to start over after a gap in my career. They helped me develop my skills personally and professionally also enabled me to find the right assignment with client. I am always treated as a professional[su_spoiler title="Read more..."]

Champa Rao (Candidate)

It was wonderful to hear about experiences of HSI resourcing team member and also that HSI was going all out to help fellow women colleagues who were on a break to get back to work through the Returnship Program at Cisco. I felt elated that I would s

Preeti (Candidate)

It was lovely meeting HSI and Cisco team members on 15 June. The day started with our introduction to Cisco team members. All were escorted by them to have an informal chat over coffee in the cafeteria. Most of ended having ice creams though. [su_spo

Priya Gopalakrishnan (Candidate)

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to attend a session with Cisco members. I had a great time chatting with Cisco team and they have explained about the support process and most of our queries. I was a little nervous at the beginning they were [su

Agnes Elbeth Diana

It has been a hard journey for me to get into workforce after a very long career break. But HSI gave a great platform for me and also other women who have the passion and ambition. You people are doing great and your mentorship will definitely fill m

Kamala (Candidate)

After more than 20 years of experience in different industries I had a break in my career due to personal reasons. When I was desperately looking out for an opening I had an opportunity to interact with Her Second Innings team.[su_spoiler title="Read

Lavina Pinto (Candidate)

At the outset, I would like to thank HSI for the opportunities you create for homemakers like me who aspire to get back into the workforce after taking time off. It has been three months since I have been working with HSI-Pikkol as a Move Planner [su

Jui Gawand (Online Participant)

On the onset let me thank you for giving me the opportunity to take the Online Soft Skills Course. The course was helpful. It touched up on the topics and concepts which are very relevant to the corporate world.[su_spoiler title="Read more..."] I

Saswati (Online Participant)

The course was helpful. It reminds me of all the common mistakes done by us during any type of communication. Also thinking about ourselves and self-assessment are very important to focus on. So I am trying to invoke all these [su_spoiler title="Read

Usha Jyothi (Online Participant)

First of all thank you so much for all team members involved in this course formation. This course is very helpful to me, actually I’m poor in soft skills and here I learnt so many new things like self[su_spoiler title="Read more..."] discipline

Bella (Candidate)

Thank you so much everyone... My special thanks to Her Second Innings Team. Really thankful that you are organising this for us .. Many times during interviews I was turned down just because of the career break I took. At one point [su_spoiler title=

Remya Albert (Candidate)

Thank you for this great opportunity. It has been a little difficult journey so far to find the right opportunity as many employers do have a constraint of recruiting candidates with an employment gap of more than 2 years. [su_spoiler title="Read mo