Grpahics Designer Date Added: 2017-03-21
Bangalore, Karnataka
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Review & fix the graphics on the page like for logo which is needed on the top of the page but cannot place due to background & colour not matching issues. Change the rolling car on webpage to any of the attached or any Indian car. T-Shirt Design with company logo & preferably website too Provide multiple options of the Logo with different colours & background with primary bring Black & Yellow which matches with Taxi colours as base. Basically, make Branding Guidelines for logo for its shape, size, colour, background & detailing. ( t Office Board Design (Preferably with Black Base & white prints & yellow colour etc) Needed in 2 Sizes- 227x160 cms (front of office) & 112x77 cms (side of the office) Rough Design enclosed




Graphics Designer

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Bangalore, Karnataka,IN

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