Consultant-Mentor/Teacher Date Added: 2017-09-07
Chippersage Education Pvt Ltd
Bangalore, Karnataka
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Part Time

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• You will be paid a remuneration of Rs.200 per hour for the EEA program out of which Rs. 175(subject to TDS) will be paid per hour for the EEA program and Rs.25(subject to TDS) will be calculated per hour and paid at the end of completion of the project. • You will be on contract for a period of one year, which is subject to extension based on your performance as reviewed and discussed with you. • During the contract period, your work timings will be based on the work timings of the customer. • You will implement the Chippersage curriculum which would include field tests and evaluation, conducting classes for children. • Teach and Train teachers and students in schools where deployed.




Teaching , english

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