SEO Specialist Date Added: 2018-04-09
Outsourced CMO
Bangalore, Karnataka
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Work from home - Partly

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Preferred Qualifications: • Minimum of 5 years of experience with a strong focus on tech and growth hacks. • Demonstrated ability to create high quality and engaging content. • Already established a relationship with bloggers and external networks. • Advanced knowledge of search algorithms • Google Analytics Certified/Certified in any other Analytics platform. • Excellent communication skills • Self-starter, detail-oriented, able to work in fast-paced environments with short turn around times. Responsibilities: • Execute SEO strategy • Develop innovative growth hacks to increase high-quality traffic and improve conversion. • Implement a highly efficient backlinking strategy using external network and blogger/influencer outreach • Work with content writer to create high-quality content - articles, videos, images on website, blogs & social media. • Suggest UX changes to improve conversions on websites and landing pages. • Monitor and audit the website and other properties as an ongoing process • Strong analytical skills to evaluate customer website / m web / app experience & suggest changes accordingly




SEO , Google Analytics , Digital Marketing , Content Management

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