Sr. Consultant - Recruitment Date Added: 2018-09-03
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Work from home - Fully

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HR Central invites passionate entrepreneurial WOMEN to join the team as Work - from -Home Recruitment Consultants. This is an opportunity for results driven, achievement orientated women to carve a future for themselves in the field of careers and jobs -right from their home. As a Work From Home, Recruitment Consultant, your role will be to thoroughly understand the job description and the key requirements shared by the Team leader/ Client for hiring a potential candidate. Responsibilities: - Identify target companies, which could be the best possible sources for getting the candidate. - Identify the kind of candidates the client has been hiring for the role and pick key words for the search - Creating an applicant pipeline through job postings, search and networks and social media - Sharing the job details and the company details and website with the potential candidates and ensuring that they understand the kind of company and the job they are applying for. - Interviewing the candidates for their skills, attitudes and overall personality and ensuring that they would culturally fit in the organization. - Formatting the CVs with relevant details of the candidates such as total years of experience, current CTC, expected CTC and notice period and sharing the formatted CV with the team leader. - Checking for the feedback on the profiles sent to the client, by regularly sending feedback mails to the team leader and arranging for interviews of the shortlisted candidates. - Ensuring that the candidate is well prepared for the interview, advising him/her on dress code, sharing inputs/ information about the potential client, seeking help from the team leader to ensure that the candidate is well prepared or researching about the Company through Google and updating the candidate about the same. - Coordinating for final closure and ensuring that the candidate sends the necessary salary documents such as salary slips, increment letters, appointment letters and references as may be desired by the client. - Following up with the candidate till the final closure, ensuring that all the necessary information required by candidate client is made available to them promptly.




Recruitment, HR, Talent Acquisition, Sourcing

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