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We are looking out for a Science Teacher who will be responsible for providing an after-school engaging and entertaining theme based project for the children, where they will have the opportunity to fulfill their potential for intellectual, emotional, physical, and psychological growth. We are majorly focusing on children who are in the age group of 9 to 11 years. (4th-5th grader to start with, we will add other grades as we move forward).Candidate should use various pedagogy and build some exciting curriculum every month. Since this is for a website, we need to source from the internet all the instructions, and, good videos/presentations decks. You could also create original documents where resources are not available on the internet, which may be a rare situation. Most of the effort will be needed in organizing contents into an interesting, continuous curriculum that advances day by day. Starting from simple concepts, building complexity on a day to day basis to complete a project in a couple of weeks. To make it enjoyable, we need to add a lot of related fun videos, facts, games and activities, all of which reinforce the learning. The focus is on learning by doing things and experiencing, more of a project and experiments approach. You also would need to identify the project materials that our team will be sending them on a monthly basis. The projects that you create will need to be split into weekly tasks, that they can enjoy in their free time without any further help from elders, and develop learning and research habit in the process. You will be working with the web developer, designer, material sourcing team internally. We will also be engaging consultants in edutainment industry and child psychology. This is a full-time role. Creativity and passion for this are most important. At least one year experience required in teaching middle schools. Should have degrees in teaching. Growth opportunities include leading teams of teachers and/or project management.




Require 1 + year experienced candidates. Candidate must have the good subject knowledge, teaching, communication and presentation skills. Only English Medium candidates should apply. Respond to student and mentor inquiries. Job Types: Part-time

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