Mentorship Program

Coming back to work after a long break? Every person needs the support of family and friends at this point in her life.

“HerSecondInnings” makes this career progression easy and stress-free by a Leadership Mentoring Program, designed and tailored as per every women’s professional needs.

There are several reasons that necessitate such a program, some of which include;

Lack of adequate skill sets for the new role

Ability to catch up with current market trends

Brushing up on existing skill sets

Guidance during crucial decision-making

Through this program, women professionals will be able to connect to industry leaders, who are stalwarts in their respective fields for the right advice, support and guidance in order to develop a more cohesive and structured way of handling their professional and entrepreneurial roles.

By encouraging the sharing of ideas and expertise, we expect that our mentees would,

Will build lasting relationships

Learn about new developments in their related field

Be a step ahead in managing finances

Leverage technology to their benefit

Have a sounding board in their otherwise stressful professional journey