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Reskilling by Microsoft for today’s and tomorrow’s market needs.

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Happy To Announce Azure Cloud Training Followed By Return-ship For Women Professionals To Get Back To Their Career Stream

Training will be available in the following locations
Bangalore/ Chennai/ Delhi/ Hyderabad/ Mumbai/ Pune

How will this course benefit you?

  • Course content and curriculum designed by MVP’s of Microsoft
  • Mentoring and training assistance by MVP’s
  • Returnship opportunity to gain practical experience after training, based on your assessment results.
  • An opportunity for you to reskill in future technology.
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What users have to say about us

I am so thankful to Her Second Inning and CISCO to provide the platform for us to work again in the IT industry after a gap in career. I was looking for a flexible job in Bangalore to be able to manage home, office and my little daughter. HSI gave me that opportunity with CISCO and I am really happy after completing these 6 months. I am now confident to give interview anywhere, my daughter is now settled in her day care. At a time I am able to manage home, office and my kid because of the flexible hours. Thank you once again for providing this platform.
Anshita – Externship Consultant – CISCO
Thank you so much everyone... My special thanks to Her Second Innings Team. Really thankful that you are organising this for us .. Many times during interviews I was turned down just because of the career break I took. At one point of time I was so upset that whether taking a break for baby was a mistake. I had many emotional breakdowns during this time. But if not for this group and the motivation they have given me , I would have never done this .. Thanks a ton for all the efforts and for inspiring us. Strong women lift each other.. Lets make this world a better place.
Bella, Returnship Consultant - Infosys