Importance of Networking for Success in Your Career

Importance of Networking

Networking is not collecting contacts! Networking is about planting relations. – MiSha A while ago, I read a statement that during layoffs, the person to let go is not the one with low performance, but the one without friends.  If that be true, then so powerful is networking that it’s a necessity than an option. In today’s world, the concept of Synergy is crucial not just for the Individual, but for the business as well. As human beings, we have the vital need to converse, share our thoughts and exchange ideas. It’s wise to have a circle of varied categories – Peers, Friends, Mentors, Ex-colleagues etc. Normally in most organisations, after a level of hierarchy in top management is reached, recruitment happens through word-of-mouth – i.e. the feedback given by an insider with influence has better weightage than recruiting an outside candidate. Summing up few important aspects of Networking: Keeps you in the game: While the business world is flooded with intense competition, it’s hard to stand out. A well connected network will help to get easy identification. A person with an established support group has more chances of landing an opportunity due to the word of mouth influence and access to job openings.   Helps you stay connected : As we move on from one company to another, there will be people who are good resources – whether it is in terms of knowledge or as a friend. It’s unwise to lose contact with such folks. Networking helps to […]

A Shark In A Fish Tank

Shark in a fish tank - drawing of a shark going after a little fish

Image Courtesy: Drawception Really, A Shark!!! My God …Poor Fishes. Similar is the reaction when I want to take up a Job. Poor kids, what will happen to them? How about house responsibilities, husband.. Who will take care?   Well, who should take care when a women goes to work? How should she manage? Is marriage a curse to career or career a curse to marriage? Do we enjoy marriage more or career more? Which is more important? What is the priority? How should I decide? Relax Ladies…Relax!! We cannot answer for everyone, we can only answer apt to our lives.   Since ages nurturing and caring has been part of women persona. Is it her true nature, might be. But mainly inculcated through social norms and psychological manipulations. We blindly take it as our duty because we see it in women around us. However there is no rules and regulations for duties of a women, wife, and mother. It’s all about how much you involve.   So how much should we actually involve? Those who really manage home know that it’s never ending job. The more you are at home the more work you have to do. So where should I stop? Now, there comes Mr Shark….. Introduce small shark to your lives to know when to stop. If you introduce a small shark in the Fish tank… All the fishes are active and fresh (for if they relax the Shark will find an opportunity to gulp them up). […]

The Joy Of New Beginnings With A Right Job

The Joy of new beginnings - Image of a girl in scenic green background looking at a sign board reading - The best time for new beginnings is now

Image Courtesy: Pixabay   “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make.”– Lewis Carroll   More often than not, many of us are set with the question “Am I doing the right Job“? “Am I fit for this role“?  “Should I pursue my hobby as a profession in parallel with my work”? After spending a number of years in the same field, it’s common for monotony to set in.  In the starting phase of career, some do compromise their ambition for a higher paying job that’s outside their interests. Owing to factors like personal constraints, work-life balance or monetary benefits, some might look to work for flexible working hours or projects with different challenges. Thankfully, in this day of rapid advancement in technology, the world has open doors for opportunities that were hitherto only dreams. Alternate career can rejuvenate us from the boredom of routine, whether pursued mainstream or in parallel with existing work. It certainly takes courage to change the course and venture into the unknown after spending years in our comfort zone. While it’s always an option to reskill with new talents and embark on a journey in a different field, I believe that pursuing a career in one’s own areas of interest yields better results. If given a second chance in career, it’s fun to do something that sparks your curiosity. Choosing an alternate career, despite its hitches, […]

Work Like A Woman

Work like a woman article. Image of two doves flying in the sky - there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise

Image Courtesy: How often is a woman irrespective of her age, caste or creed asked ” But you are a woman. How can you do this? Or “ Are you sure you can do this”?  Well, The answer to that question is “ Yes I am a woman, and that’s why I choose to do this”. It’s been far too long that women are still trying to break glass ceilings and are constantly answerable to the society at large. This question has not escaped the rich, famous, influential women too. Leave alone the underprivileged strata.   There are many roles that a woman essays as, a daughter, sister, wife, mother and she does so with much grace and élan. In fact, A woman is gifted with the art of multitasking and does a great job of balancing every aspect of her life. A day to day life demands physical, mental, and emotional strength to get through.  Yet, she often is made to crumble under the pressure of societal diktats. Unwritten rules that have no base or structure. It’s time to break the stereotypes of what career a woman should choose and what not. This seems to be the right time. A time to ignore and move away from anything and anyone that does not serve a higher purpose. And work towards realizing one’s own goals and dreams.   Women have shown their worth in what was thought to be  unconventional career choices. Be it cricket, Boxing or defending our […]

Advantages of Hiring Returning Women Professionals

  Partner with Her Second Innings vision to enable returning women professionals to restart their career, to make them financially independent, and to help our society benefit from their contribution. For more details please write to us at, we would be happy to connect with you.

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10 Top Traits Of Successful Corporate Women

  Image: Successful Corporate Women –  What sets them apart? Most successful women have these few traits in common:   They do not dwell on their gender – they just get on with it.   They leverage their natural “female” instincts – Using their intuition and empathy they are able to quickly assess the environment around them, build relationships with people across levels and they are not afraid to show their sensitive side when required which makes them “human” and likeable.   Their natural inclination is to be perfectionists and they can be very tough managers. However, they have learnt to trade their need for perfection and detail for the sake of the bigger picture. They understand that getting a couple of big ticket items mostly right is wiser and more beneficial to the organization and all stakeholders than getting a number of small things exactly right.   They work extremely hard and put in long hours but never verbalize how hard they work. They may also work in a non traditional manner outside the 9 am to 6 pm schedule. They may start their day much earlier or log in to their email after their kids have gone to bed. They are committed to their job BUT they do not feel the need to verbalize their commitment. They recognize that others may stay late at work because they start work late, take multiple breaks and waste a lot of time during work but these women have a life […]

Did you know? Creating your own Personal Balance, Can actually help your Work-Life Balance!

  Article by James Sudakow – Even if you have mastered the art of balancing the Work/life, there is a third element that often gets neglected: you as an individual. In our quest for work-life balance, we as an individual are forgotten for a while.   It’s easy to forget about yourself with all that work and life entail. The gap in the equation is often our own personal balance and emotional needs. Can adding another thing actually help? If it’s the right thing, it can   So, what do you do? There are only so many hours in the day, and all of those hours are claimed by business, family, and maybe some sleep (for good measure). Could adding one more thing to an already packed daily agenda actually assuage the lack of personal balance? Almost counter-intuitively, it did for me and might for you.   I added piano lessons.   I’m an ex-studio musician, so of course I would choose something musical. What I realized was that in the years since I started the businesses and the family grew, my love for music was still there but was not being acted on. I had concluded that there simply wasn’t enough time.   As I contemplated the idea, I said to myself, “How in the world are you going to fit this in?” Even though it was just 30 minutes a week for a lesson and an hour a day for practice, finding calendar time was much easier said […]