Family First

family First - Image of family sketch on a canvas

Image credit: Pixabay A very popular quote says: “what you give attention to…..grows”! How true is this? When plants are watered they grow, when happiness is shared, it spreads and grows, when a gossip is given more fuel….well it grows!!!! So essentially what we give time to…grows. Similarly, bonding in family needs time and attention. When it is given time and attention….bonding does grow. Lifestyle nowadays is hectic, full of noise, hustle, bustle and rush. In fact, what we are left with is no time with family. The interaction between members is less. In fact a down time now means for each member to spend more time on his/her own device. Here are few simple and effective tips to spend more time with family in spite of busy schedules. Family that eats together; stays together: Having at least one meal a day, every day together is a good way of spending quality time. Often its either breakfast or dinner when the family can gather and catch up with each other’s activities and plans. It’s not possible to force or make it compulsory for everyone to be at the dining table for a meal, however the intention to do so will definitely do the trick.   Interest in each other’s interests: In a family, the more number of members, more varied are the interests, hobbies and passion. Sometimes, parents encourage children to pursue a hobby or passion but do not take time to actively involve themselves in the learning. Whatever each […]

Changing Times For Indian Women

Image: Indian Women Are Adding To Their Freedom Every Year, With Bharat Mata’s Blessings When my mother got married she was expected to look after her husband, raise children and manage the house. It was unthinkable for her to work or even go to family get-togethers without her spouse. But women’s lives have transformed dramatically since then and socio-legal changes have supported and encouraged these paradigm shifts. Work after marriage and motherhood Today, many women continue to work even after marriage regardless of whether or not their income is necessary. The woman’s career has become a talking point even in arranged set-ups when the groom and the bride’s families meet to formalize the union. Fortunately, many men have no problem with their wife working and even encourage them to do so. A quick scan of even matrimonial ads, which are a reflection of the marriage market, show that many grooms prefer a working girl. Even women who are not working in an office environment are running businesses out of their homes, with several making good earnings from traditional wifely jobs such as food preparation. The most important thing is that women are now economic partners to men.  Women contribute to the income of the house in a marriage and even home loans etc. are now in joint names because women are in a position to pay. In fact, not long ago a couple Vivek and Geeta (names changed) came to me to understand the technicalities of a home loan […]