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    Location:Bangalore, Pune,Hyderabad, Noida,Mumbai,Gugaon
    Experience: 17+ years
    Your Impact: 
    -17+ years of experience.
    -Awareness of emerging technologies and market trends and have a POV on them.
    -Experience with MV* frameworks (React JS, AngularJS, VueJs, or similar) and knowledge of common JavaScript design patterns.
    -Strong Fundamental concepts around functional programming, reactive programming.
    -Understanding of DevOps and deployments to cloud, Docker is a must, (Kubernetes is a plus) o Hands on experience with Git branching strategies (Git Flow, vs Trunk based development)
    -Good understanding of API Gateways and orchestration layers.
    -Good understanding of CDN and caching strategies.
    -Hands-on experience working with Node.js along with setting up frontend build systems and automating the same using Webpack/ Rollup
    -Understanding of UX and challenges in large scale UI Development?-Working knowledge of Domain Driven Design
    -Excellent mentoring skills and ability to conduct workshops for clients and internal folks
    -Visual acumen to identify problems with design and propose alternatives based on previous experience. Be a strong proponent of pixel fidelity.
    -Hands-on experience working with TDD in JS with the help of frameworks like Jasmine, Mocha, Karma etc.
    -Deep understanding of UX and challenges of hi-fidelity UI development. 
    Your Skills & Experience: 
    Practice/Capability Development 
    -Lead all domain work in the architecture and development of a quality solution for a large or complex project. 
    -Track progress according tot he plan created for the project(conduct code and design reviews and status meetings as needed) and reports status to the clients/broader engagement leadership. 
    -Make changes to design plans, staffing levels, or deliverables as required throughout the course of the project to ensure quality and timely deliverable. 
    -Attract, recruit, and retain interactive development talent to grow the creative capability. o Identify the tools, templates and techniques that evolve existing approaches for the larger creative community at Sapient. Works on a local and regional level to ensure the implementation and success of these tools and processes.
    -Collaborate with staffing to make project allocation decisions
    -Enhance the Sapient brand by regularly producing blogs, whitepapers, and point of views regarding front-end technology and actively engaged in speaking engagements.
     Should be an evangelist of the domain.
    -focus on domain/skill set development for Sapient interactive and provide guidance and direction of building capabilities within the domain. 
    Strategy Development & Planning 
    - Actively involved in supporting strategic partnerships that help business 
    -Actively supports and maintain relationships with external vendors that will help Sapient provide a full range of capabilities to our clients
    -Helps in developing strategies to address emerging technologies, informing, and influencing Sapient’ offerings for SI, consulting, and commerce.
    -Regularly communicates updates/advances in front-end technology regionally and locally.
    -Pro-active problem solving on the project, team, and domain levels.
    -Works with other domain leadership to better define and teach project process, which include an interactive component. 
    Client Management 
    -Works with CE’s to represent the domain to clients and stakeholders.
    -Works with development / technical team leads on the client side as necessary to ensure the successful delivery of experience technology tracks. 
    Business Development 
    -Helps drive account/business development to create and develop new business opportunities. o Assists in Sales pursuits by providing domain knowledge and strategy. Regularly owns content sections within proposals and RFP’s 
    Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field 


    • MV frameworks
    • devops
    • UX

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