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    -Coach Scrum Masters and Product Owners
    -Identify relevant metrics and define the measurement system. 
    -Apply system thinking to uncover bottlenecks.
    -Improve engagement between teams and stakeholders.
    - Setup regular audits for measuring process readiness and adherence.
    -Identify project risks. 
    -Assist Product Owners in crafting user stories and daily decisions to keep the project in motion.
    -Empower managers to partner with business stakeholders and make more strategic decisions.
    -Cultivate an Agile mindset so that every team member can approach problems.-
    - Bachelors Degree or equivalent 
    -Minimum of 5years related work experience.
    -Minimum 8 years of combined business or technology experience within an Agile environment
    -Expertise in Scrum and Kanban
    -At least one of the following certifications : ICPACC, PSPO 2 or ACSPO, PSM 2 or ACSM, Safe, ScrumScale, or any relevant certification .
    -Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    -Team player who understands peoples concerns  


    • Scrum
    • Kanban

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