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Today women have many more choices than ever before and yet very often makes us feel confused, dissatisfied and unhappy because we just don’t know what we want.
Throughout our Careers, we face variety of situations to which we need unbiased advice. We may be in the process of choosing a career, deciding whether or not change / quit jobs, resuming career from sabbatical, job hunting or recovering from job loss.
We are here to assist you to explore career options, provide market trends, assess your skills, interests, guide to skill development and sharpen job search skills to move up in the career ladder.

Where Professional Career Guidance Can Help

Here are a few examples of questions that you can answer with the benefit of Professional Career Guidance:

  • When you are confused or frustrated about what you want from career?
  • When you are not able to decide the direction about the career choice?
  • When your job satisfaction has hit all time low?
  • When you are not finding right career opportunity to resume?
  • When you want to assess your career again the market reality?

How to enrol for Professional Career Guidance

  • Professionals needs to fill up a Questionnaire and Submit
  • Receive Confirmation and payment link
  • Complete the Psychometrics test to understand better about your profile, skills, professional aspirations and issues you are currently facing.
  • Schedule Career Counselling Call (30 Min) to share deeper aspects of Career Choices and Assist you for further direction on Career exploring
  • Planner for Skill Upgrade (If required) along with Career Opportunities like Project , Internship, Part Time or Full Time Jobs (maximum of two opportunities ) to explore the desired career path

What deliverables are shared during Professional Career Guidance

  • Psychometric Test Results
  • Career Action Planner
  • Any of Project , Internship, Part Time, Full Time, Mentorship, Business Support Reference as per Career Choice evaluation.


  • Each Professional Career Guidance would cost Rs.5000 + tax
  • Validity period would be 90 days from the date of payment