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When women take longer breaks of more than a year, they need a platform to strengthen their technical skills, reorient to corporate work culture to enable them to focus and create balance for personal life, finally, providing opportunities for career path to join the workforce. Her Second Innings is a platform to explore the passion, connect with coaches as sounding boards to resonate the ideas, assess the gaps, upgrade knowledge , Reskill / Upskill with identified competencies through projects, get handholding support to walk the journey right from beginning with confidence..

Apply for Return-ship: This is a 6 month extensive program with blended learning of self paced and guided assistance from mentors. This program is specifically designed for those who left the workforce for two or more years and are ready to return to career stream. It allows to learn, practice, gain practical exposure from workplace and finally be able to network with like-minded professionals. Are you ready for it, apply here:

Returnship Program for Developers / Returnship Program FAQ