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Ending the year Strong
We draw to the end of 2020, a year so different than what each of us is used to. From having to deal with the uncertainties of the pandemic, we had to quickly adjust to the many new normals. Having to create a balance of work and life inside the confines of our home, supporting children adapt to online learning, having to do chores with minimal paid help, and connecting with friends and family via different online modalities are our new normals. The changes the pandemic forced on us, made us experience things differently. We saw within us unknown sources of resilience helping us quickly adapt to these changes and make the best of the new
ways of doing and being. As we look forward to the newness of 2021, looking back at our experiences of 2020 is a meaningful way to jump-start the new year. So, how could we give 2020 a thoughtful closure?
Reflecting on our experiences:
Reflection is a process of consciously dwelling back on the past and discovering powerful ways to move ahead. The process of year-end reflection can encompass different areas of our life such as
health, career, relationships, and spirituality. Reflecting on our experiences of the past year gives valuable perspectives on our areas of challenges and growth. It is important to be specific and driven by a purpose to grow in the process of reflection. Asking specific questions such as

• What was your favorite moment of the year?
• What was your most challenging moment of the year?
• What was your area of growth?
• Which is the one area of your life that you wish you had more focus on?
• What are you the proudest of?
would help get the most value in the process of reflection. Answers to such specific questions of
reflection can be the foundation of what we want to grow to be in the coming year.
Expressing Gratitude :
Expressing gratitude is the act of surrounding ourselves with positivity as we end in 2020. No matter how difficult the experiences of the past year have been, remembering people, things, and experiences to be thankful for can make us look forward to 2021 with optimism. Making a list of what we are grateful for irrespective of how small or big it might seem is the first step to making it a practice. Areas of expressing gratitude can range from our basic physiological needs such as a cozy place to sleep each night to our greatest success of the past year. Expressing gratitude can be as simple as listing down
• Five things I’m grateful for this year Ending the year with an attitude of gratitude is a way to begin the year with an attitude of abundance.
Visualizing the year ahead :
Reflecting on the past year and expressing gratitude for all that it has been can prepare our minds to be in a space to visualize what we want the new year to be and how to get there. Knowing how we want the new year to be in the different facets of our life can motivate us to set goals. Having specific goals for the upcoming year is a focused way to work our dreams about the year to reality. List down what you want to grow into in the new year and create mental imagery of yourself having achieved each of
your goals. Questions to ask yourself to visualize the year ahead could be
• What goal do I want to focus on?
• Picture your life as how it could be when you reach your goal
• Visualize each step it takes for you to reach your goal
Act out your visualized steps. Having a visualized plan helps us spring into action as the new year unfolds. So, go ahead reflect on your experiences, express gratitude, and visualize your year ahead. Make the new year your best year ever